Grant Writing Workshop

We are hosting a grant writing workshop for postdocs on Jul 24th!

  • Proposal writing is an essential skill for a postdoc, especially if you are planning to stay in academia.
  • Successful grant proposal can open many doors for you. Receiving a K99 award greatly increases your chance in securing a faculty position.
  • These programs are also highly competitive, with success rates around 20-30%.

We hope this workshop can provide you the tools to write a successful proposal. The speakers, David States, Carrie Partch and Jordan Ward, will discuss:

What types of grants are available to postdocs/ How to structure your paragraphs and sections/ How to convey your science/ How to apply for K99… and any topics you are interested in.

Register here
Deadline: July 14th

See agenda below:

Postdoc Science and Social Hour

Join us for Postdoc Science and Social Hour!

July 11th (Tuesday)


Biomed 300

Food and drink will be provided!

Starting from this month, we will add science talks to our social hour. This is a platform for postdocs to network and communicate their science. You may give an informal talk about your research, ask your peers for suggestions, practice for your conference talk or chalk talk. It could be any format you like!

To kick things off, this upcoming social hour will feature two of our representitives, Shankar Shastry and Hanh Lam. We will host Science and Social Hour every month and we strongly encourage everyone to participate! This is a great opportunity to practice public speaking and communicating your science. Contact us ( if you would like to give a talk.

2017 Bay Area Postdoc Symposium

The 2017 Bay Area Postdoc Symposium will take place on June 10th (Saturday) at the Buck Institute!

Join us for a day of exciting research talks and networking with postdocs from the Buck Institute, UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Gladstone Institutes and UCSF.

This year the symposium will also offer various workshops, with a focus on science communication. Topics include networking, elevator pitch, improving your research talk and more. Check out the program here, and the workshops here.

Click here to register. Choose “UC Santa Cruz no transport”.

2nd Annual UCSC Postdoc Symposium

The 2nd Annual UCSC Postdoc Symposium was a success. Thank you for participating!

The postdocs, as well as graduate students and faculty, gathered at the beautiful Stevenson Event Center overlooking the East Meadow and the ocean.

Professor Joanne Engel from UCSF Department of Medicine delivered first keynote on how the pathogen Chlamydia survives in the host cells. Despite the difficulty of growing the Chlamydia bacteria, her lab identified host genes and signal pathways that are involved in the infection, showing how the pathogen co-opts the host.

The second keynote was delivered by Professor Katherine Pollard from the Gladstone Institutes/UCSF, who did postdoctoral research on comparative genomics at UCSC. She presented an interesting project in her lab that discovered some transcription factor recognize DNA shape.

The symposium also featured a series of talks by postdocs from different scientific fields. Congratulations to Dr. Daniela Kielberg and Dr. Josh Parks for winning the Best Speaker prizes!

Daniela is a postdoc at the Department of Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology. Her talk was titled “Spatial and temporal shifts in bacterial biogeography and gland occupation during the development of chronic infection”.

Josh is a postdoc in Holger Schmidt’s group at the Department of Electric Engineering. He talked about his work on optofluidic chip to detect single virus particle.

The symposium concluded with a poster session. Dr. Skander Hathroubi won the best poster prize!

We thank all of the symposium sponsors to make this event possible: the departments of MCD Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Biomolecular Engineering, METX, Office of Research, PBSci Division, Professor Josh Stuart and Two Pore Guys, Inc!!

Finally we thank the hard work of the three organizers: Diya, Hanh and Shankar!